ELDER's Smart Approach to Power Distribution
05 Mar 2018

ELDER’s ‘Smart’ Approach to Power Distribution


The outputs of “Smart Grids in Turkey: A Roadmap towards 2023”, launched in the strategic partnership of ELDER and GAZBIR, will be evaluated in the ICSG Istanbul 2018, which will be held on April 25th and 26th at Istanbul Congress Center. Informing us of the details about the project, ELDER President Serhat Çeçen stresses that they continue to carry out projects to raise the awareness of energy saving and make life easier for users.


The 6th International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair, which will be support by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, and organized as part of the strategic partnership between ELDER and GAZ-BIR, will be held on April 25th and 26th, 2018 at Istanbul Congress Center.

“Smart Grids in Turkey: A Roadmap towards 2023” will be evaluated as part of a special session during the Congress. The Roadmap was launched by electricity distribution companies under the coordination of the EMRA, and its outputs will be shared by the EMRA in March.


ELDER President Serhat Çeçen presented following evaluations about the project before the Congress: “Today, like many other areas, turning information technologies into smart solutions is key to energy saving. More widespread utilization of technology in the field of energy, increased consumption efficiency and constant reduction of renewable energy production costs are anticipated to enable a serious amount of energy saving on the global scale. “Smart Grids in Turkey: A Roadmap towards 2023” Project aims to ensure consumers’ active inclusion in the electricity market, contribute to increase the share of renewable energy in production and improve energy quality. Updates about the project are available at www.akillisebekelerturkiye.org/ website. The final report for the project will be released to the public as of 2018, and its outputs will be comprehensively evaluated together with all stakeholders at the ICSG 2018.”


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