Post Show Report Smart Cities Summit and Expo, Saudi Arabia

The SAUDI SMART CITIES SUMMIT AND EXPO concluded on triumphant note in the Jeddah Hilton Hotel during 18th - 19th, February, 2020 under the kind patronage of “National Digital Transformation Unit (NDU), KSA and “SAUDI CONTRACTOR AUTHOIRTY (SCA)”, witnessing spectacular keynote presentations, mind boggling panel discussions, captivating technology showcase and engaging networking sessions. A total of 250+ attendees, 10+ exhibitors and 30+ forward thinking experts' from round the globe came together to debate, share knowledge, network and present innovative solutions to develop efcient, sustainable and livable cities of the future.

The venue of the summit - “Jeddah” was strategically selected, as it's the second biggest city and a commercial capital of the Saudi Arabia, is a gateway to Mecca and Medinah - Islam's holy cities and houses the biggest port along the Red Sea; making sure we attract the ne set of minds from diverse verticals together!

For more information, please download the post show report here: