The VERTPOM® project, acronym for " Véritable énERgie du Territoire POsitif et Modulaire" (Genuine Energy of the Positive and Modular Territory) was launched in June 2017 with the support of the Environment and Energy Management Agency, ADEME, within the “Investment Program of the Future” framework. This multi-fluid project develops intelligence on energy networks to optimize resources and obtain energy independence for the territory.

VERTPOM® is led by a consortium to develop and deploy VERTPOM-BANK® decision support tool called ENERGY BANK, which will maintain an optimized balance between the available produced energy (conventional and renewable) uses (consumption and losses), in connection with the energy storage means. This tool will help territories to become positive energy territory "TEPOS" (Territoire à Energie POSitive).

The energy bank will be based on algorithms for prediction and simulation of energy production levels, consumption and losses on the various distribution systems. They will exploit a common data base. The use of artificial intelligence will be preferred.

One of the first tasks is to note the level of energy (positive or negative) of the territory. Then the energy bank will look for and simulate all possible scenarios to improve the production / consumption balance, while identifying the specific renewable energies of the territory.


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