PGE launches Poland's first modular energy storage facility in Rzepedź, Podkarpacie
06 Jan 2021

Warsaw, 20 October 2020

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna has commissioned Poland's first energy storage facility located in the village of Rzepedź, in the Podkarpackie Province. The contractor of the project was Griffin Group Energy. This is the beginning of the PGE Group's long-term energy storage programme, as announced in the Group's new strategy. 

The facility with a power of approx. 2.1 MW and a capacity of 4.2 MWh was designed to support the reliability of the local distribution network. Modular and stationary, the energy storage facility was created as part of the project of innovative grid services improving the quality and reliability of electricity supply, carried out by PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna together with PGE Dystrybucja, also a member of the PGE Group. The facility uses Tesla's Powerpack modules offering a capacity of 4 MWh.

Poland's first modular energy storage will ensure flexible operation of the power system and increase the use of renewable energy sources. According to the new Strategy of the PGE Group, by 2030 we plan to build at least 800 MW of new energy storage facilities, says Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna. The modular energy storage technology used in the investment project in the village of Rzepedź, in the Podkarpackie province means measurable savings for the PGE distribution segment. Such facilities constitute a cheaper and quicker alternative to power grid expansion. The reason for satisfaction is that we are starting the implementation of the energy storage programme with reliable partner, such as the Polish company Griffin Energy and the world leading Tesla Powerpack technology, adds Mr Dąbrowski.

The increase in the share of renewable energy sources in electricity generation will result in greater demand for energy storage technology. A few small energy storage facilities have already been operated in Poland, but they have been designed and built primarily for research and development purposes.  The construction of the facility in Rzepedź is the first project constituting a response to the specific needs of PGE's customers, related to the improvement of energy quality and the supply of back-up power. 

Published in October 2020, the new strategy of the PGE Group is based on the following three pillars: environmentally friendly energy, modern energy services, as well as an efficient and effective organization. PGE has presented the Group's transformation plan, announced the goal of achieving climate neutrality and 100% of green energy for PGE customers in the year 2050. According to the new strategy, at least 800 MW of energy storage facilities will have been included in the PGE Group's portfolio by 2030. Their task will be to provide energy storage services for distributed sources, to support system integration of large-scale renewable energy sources and to ensure flexibility and reliability of the distribution network.

Submitting a bid for the construction of an energy storage facility meeting PGE's specific requirements, we selected a technology that would ensure the most efficient fulfilment of such requirements, says Dariusz Wawrzynów, Vice President of the Management Board of Griffin Group Energy. We were looking for a proven and reliable partner with excellent references and experience in large scale commercial implementations of energy storage facilities. An in-depth market analysis indicated the world-renowned Tesla Powerpack technology was best suited to the needs of the project. This is the first investment project in Central and Eastern Europe to use Tesla's modular solutions in the local power grid,  emphasizes Mr Wawrzynów. 


PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna is the largest power utility in Poland. It guarantees secure and stable electricity and heat supplies to over 5 million customers. The PGE Group's share in the generation of electricity in Poland is approximately 40 percent.

With a 10% market share, PGE is the largest domestic producer of electricity from renewable sources.  In the subsequent years, PGE will focus on the development of renewable energy sources, in particular those based on wind and solar energy. PGE's priority is its Offshore Programme which provides for the construction of two offshore wind farms with a total power of up to 2.5 GW by 2030 and another 4 GW by 2040. The investment programme of the PGE Group by the year 2030 will also include 3 GW in photovoltaics and an expansion of its portfolio of onshore wind farms by at least 1 GW. 


Griffin Group S.A. Energy Sp. k. is a Polish company with many years of experience in the energy sector. The main area of the company's activity is the segment of energy storage facilities, smart grids and meters, energy efficiency optimization. Operating in the area of energy storage, Griffin Group S.A. can boast about its extensive experience acquired in completed projects in Europe and two projects still underway in Poland. 

Griffin Group Energy is a partner of the world's leading energy sector suppliers on the Polish market. It operates in the energy sector, in its both public and commercial segments. It specializes in comprehensive project management with respect to analysis, feasibility study, installation, configuration and maintenance – end-to-end projects.  The company's offer includes smart grids and meters, energy storage facilities, energy efficiency optimization.