OSGP Alliance Engages in Energy Transition Dialogue at Future of Utilities Summit 2024
20 Mar 2024

Last week, the OSGP Alliance participated in the Future of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit 2024, taking place in Amsterdam. Mark Ossel, a Board Member of the OSGP Alliance, shared insights into the direction of the energy sector during the panel discussion on "Developing the Modern Grid: A Transition-Ready Network: Considering Construction, Connection, and Management."


The panel addressed pressing questions regarding the adaptation of networks to changes in energy production and consumption, the necessity for developing new assets, and strategies for accelerating the connection of generation to the grid. Additionally, the session explored the role of technology and data, collaborative management between TNOs and DSOs, and how networks can ensure a seamless energy journey from generation to the customer. The panel also discussed the role of storage in supporting the grid and managing intermittent renewables.


Panelists Mark Ossel, Board Member of the OSGP Alliance; Tony Scott, Director of Capital Development & Delivery at SSEN Transmission; Paulo Pereira, Deputy Director at E-REDES; and Lucian Balea, Deputy Director of Research at RTE, offered their expertise and opinions on overcoming the challenges of transitioning to sustainable energy networks.
The summit also spotlighted other important topics such as energy storage, heat, generation, grids, home energy, innovation, industrial decarbonization, and electric vehicles, reflecting the breadth of discussions and the industry's focus on innovation and sustainability.


Held in SugarCity, Amsterdam, the event attracted over 1000 attendees, including senior leaders from various sectors such as incumbents, innovators, policymakers, and investors, all united in their commitment to driving the transition towards renewable energy. It served as a useful platform for discussing the trajectory of the energy industry and encouraging collaboration among stakeholders.