The MKI Gathering and Grand Launching of the 78th National Electricity Day Enlit Asia 2023 Kicks Off
26 Jun 2023

Jakarta, May 29th, 2023 – MKI Gathering and ‘Grand Launching of the 78th National Electricity Day – Enlit Asia 2023’ kicked off today, marking its official opening. MKI Gathering is an annual event held by MKI to increase synergy with its members. In the event with the theme "Readiness of the Indonesian Electricity Sector in Achieving the NDC 2030 Target Through the Development of Renewable Energy, MKI also inaugurated the 78th National Electricity Day as well as announced the collaborated program with Enlit Asia 2023 event which will be held on 14-16 November 2023. 

With the theme of "Indonesian Electricity Sector Readiness in Achieving 2030 NDC Targets through Renewable Energy Development," the event’s inauguration was led by Jisman P. Hutajulu, Electricity General Director at the Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. Notable figures such as Indonesian Electrical Power Society (Masyarakat Kelistrikan Indonesia/MKI) General Chairperson Evy Haryadi, the 78th National Electricity Day (Hari Listrik Nasional ke-78) General Chairperson Arsyadany G Akmalaputri, and representatives from sponsor organizations, were also attending the event. 

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